🟧Metal Telegram Trading Bot (Beta)

The Metal Telegram Trading Bot is our newest addition to our ever growing suite of tools. This bot brings together the best features of on-chain trading, the convenience of Telegram, and next level integration of our flagship Alpha bots to create a the most powerful tool for Uniswap trading.

Link : https://t.me/metaltelegrambot

Upcoming Alpha Bot Connection

While many bots on the market specialize in either trading or alpha functions, Metal Telegram Trading Bot does both. It combines the customizability and automatic trading capabilities of a trading bot with the predictive power and data-driven structure of our alpha bot.

Custom Auto-Buy

Simply set your preferences and let the Bot take care of the rest. It will automatically carry out buy orders based on the conditions you specify.

Instant Buy

Need to make a trade right away? The Bot has got you covered with its instant buy feature for pings from the main alpha bot.

Limit Orders

Set your preferred buy or sell price, and the Bot will execute the trade as soon as the market price reaches your specified limit.

Tipping Feature for Block 0 Snipes

Our tipping feature offers a higher gas fee to validators. This ensures that your transactions are prioritized for an earlier placement in Block 0.

For more details please visit our Trading Guide

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