🟨Token Report Guide

Below you can find an example of what information our Metal Tools Token Report provides, as well as a more detailed explanation of what it all means:

🏷️ Buy/Sell Tax: The tax percentage applied when buying/selling the token

  • The tax percentage applied when buying or selling the token refers to the additional fee that is deducted from the transaction amount.

  • For example, when you buy or sell $METAL token, a tax of 5.00% is applied to the transaction amount. If you buy 100 METAL tokens, you will be charged an additional 5 METAL tokens as tax, which means you receive 95 tokens for every 100 you purchase

πŸ”“ Fake Ownership: Indicates whether there is fake ownership associated with the token

  • Fake ownership on a token is risky because it enables the owner to control the token's behavior, even when it seems to be renounced

πŸ“Š Dev Holdings: The percentage of tokens held by the development team.

  • A high dev holdings % increases the risk of the team selling a large number of tokens

🍯 Honeypot: Indicates whether there is a Honeypot feature associated with the token

  • Honeypot is a smart contract deliberately created as a virtual bait or trap aiming to trick you into purchasing a token that is cannot be sold

πŸͺ™ Mintable: Indicates whether the token is mintable

  • If a token is Mintable, the team can create more tokens and sell them at the perceived price, which would cause the price to decrease

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Deployer Address: The wallet address of the creator of the token

πŸ‘€ Owner Address: Indicates either the Contract Owners address or that the ownership of the token has been Renounced

  • Renounced means that the ownership of the token has been permanently transferred to the Zero address, and the original creator or any other individual no longer has control or authority over the token's contract.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ Holders: Total number of token holders

πŸ“Š Total Supply: Total supply of the token

πŸ“Š Top 10 Holder Percentage: % of tokens held by the top 10 holders

πŸ“Š Top Holder Percentage: % of tokens held by only the top holder

πŸ“Š Clog Percentage: % of tokens held by a contract that are in the process of being sold for ETH automatically. These tokens come from any taxes the token may have had at launch and/or current taxes.

πŸ”’ LP Status: Indicates the lock status of the Liquidity Pool (LP)

  • A Liquidity Pool is a reserve of tokens that is locked in a smart contract. It provides liquidity for trading and allows users to easily buy and sell tokens without causing drastic price changes.

  • Unlocked liquidity means that the liquidity is at risk of being removed at any time, essentially rendering the tokens valueless

  • A higher locked % in the liquidity pool (LP Status) means more stability and less risk of manipulation. It allows for easier buying and selling without drastic price fluctuations or Slippage

    • Slippage happens when the real price of a token trade is different from the expected price. It's like the difference between what you expect to get and what you actually get when you trade.

πŸ”“Contract Verified: Indicates whether the token contract has been verified

  • Contract verification is important for transparency, security, and trust. It ensures that the token operates as intended, and helps identify any malicious functions

πŸ”— Proxy Contract: Indicates whether there is a proxy contract associated with the token

  • A proxy contract could be used to control and manipulate a renounced contract's behavior and functionality. It can modify variables, change contract behavior, transfer ownership, and execute functions on behalf of the renounced contract.

πŸ”“ Can Buy: Indicates whether the token can be bought

πŸ”“ Can Sell: Indicates whether the token can be sold

  • A token that cannot be sold is also referred to as a Honeypot

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