What's all of this?

This is a complete bot suite to help you with on-chain trading.

What bots do you have ready for use?
  • Alpha Bots (Tier 1 / Tier 2)

    • Green Alpha Bot

    • Yellow Alpha Bot

    • Red Alpha Bot

  • Fresh Wallet Mempool Sniper (Tier 3 or higher)

  • Metal Auto-Trading Bots (Team use only)

  • Metal Telegram Trading Bot (Public)

  • FriendTech New Accounts Bot (Public)

What do the Alpha Bots do?

The Metal Alpha Bot is a high-tech trading bot that uses a specialized algorithm. This algorithm looks at UniSwap event data from the last year to understand market trends. Checking for new wallets is just one of the many things we look at.

What's Metal Auto Trader?

Metal Auto Trader Bots operate on numbered ENS addresses metaltoolstrader1.eth through metaltoolstrader9.eth and execute auto-trading signals based on a specialized version of our flagship Alpha Bot. When a profitable trade is made, it shares 70% of the earnings with $METAL token holders. Every $METAL holder benefits from these earnings, regardless of the size of their token holdings.

How many times does your bot ping? Will I get pinned all the time like other bots?

Absolutely not. With our recent algorithm updates, you will receive a maximum of around 10 pings per day for each of the bots.

What is Fresh Wallet Mempool Sniper?

Fresh Wallet Mempool Sniper is a tool that tracks and alerts when multiple 'new wallets' quickly buy a coin during its launch. Sometimes, people with inside information use this method to avoid drawing attention.

What are the requirements for using the tools?

Our Telegram Trading Bot is Public, all details can be found here. Please refer to Tiered Access for our Alpha Bots Tiers

What if don’t qualify for Tier 1 or Tier 2 access, are there other benefits?

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