🟥Alpha Bots Guide

Using Metal Telegram Alpha Bots

Alpha Pings

  • Metal Tools provides a 3 level risk assessment for Alpha Bot pings:

    • Green Alpha has the least risk/frequency of ping.

      • 1-3 pings monthly on average

    • Yellow Alpha has a moderate risk/frequency of ping.

      • 2-4 pings weekly on average

    • Red Alpha has the highest risk/frequency of ping.

      • 4-6 pings daily on average

Even though the Alpha Bots are set up with token safety and legitimacy in mind, this does NOT mean that every token is safe. ALWAYS before buying any token.

Analyzing Tokens

  • Before making a purchase on UniSwap or via Telegram Trading Bot, you should monitor token activity on Dextools or Dexscreener.

  • Enter the token into the Metal Tools Token Report for a more in depth analysis. An explanation of what each line means can be found in our Token Report Guide.

  • Consider factors such as whether the contract is , if the , and if buy/sell taxes are lower than 5%. Also if a token has any taxes, be sure to ask the team what these will be used for. Another common scam tactic is tax .

  • It's important to be cautious, as even if a token's contract is or the , it may still be a delayed .

  • Always check the project's social media presence for more information.

  • Be cautious of tokens with an abnormally high number of followers or Telegram members, minimal Twitter (X) activity, or extreme sell pressure. These could be signs of a scam.

  • Tokens with no sells are most likely .

  • Engaging in the community can provide insights to a tokens legitimacy. For example, if a Telegram group has a positive vibe and an active team, it might be safer. Versus a Telegram that has turned off the ability to type and send messages could be an indicator that it is a scam.


  • Honeypot: A honeypot contract appears legitimate, but once bought into, buyers may be unable to sell, or there may be restrictions as to how many tokens could be sold at once (usually set to only $1 worth of tokens or less)

  • Renounced: Refers to the act of contract creators giving up ownership of a contract, by making the 0 address the new owner. This means no one can make further changes to things such as Tax percentages. It's a trust-building move but also means any potential vulnerabilities can no longer be corrected.

  • Liquidity Locked: The amount of a token and its trading pair (like ETH) reserved in a pool and cannot be removed. If left unlocked, the liquidity of a token can be removed which essentially leaves all tokens valueless.

  • Contract Address: A tokens contract address can be found on every Alpha ping, simply click to copy the address.

  • Farming: This is where the token team will claim to use Tax money they gain on things such as Marketing, but instead they keep the money for themselves.

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